Family Function 2016


On Sunday, 14th February, 2016, Club PRL organized the grand "Family Function 2016" at Aladin Amusement Park, which was attended by PRL community with much enthusiasm and fervor. The function's venue was very ravishing with its spaciousness, appealing seating arrangement and soothing lighting, successfully arresting the audience concentration. The festival like environment, engaged children and adults alike. Children remained busy with the exciting unlimited free rides at the amusement park and families enjoyed live music by a number of media celebrities; who engaged the audience with a mix of fast tracks and beautiful sounds & melodies. Of course no event is complete without food, which was available aplenty. If the fast tracks accelerated one's heartbeat, the 'masala chat' definitely excited a few taste buds.


The level of enjoyment and excitement can only be gauged by the most popular demand by families, that was 'to increase frequency of such events', which Club PRL will definitely strive to deliver on!!!



Urdu Redesign and Translated by: BoloBlast Digital PR Solutions (Division of TAJMAC IT Solutions) آخری مرتبہ تازہ کاری : January 2016